Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sparkle Rabbit Family

Just won these on eBay tonight~! So glad I got them! :3

(c) 2003, Japan only (as a family set), Epoch

Info (Thanks to Pandapatch for the info!):

Slyvester Sparkle: Sylvester likes everything to be spick and span and is always polishing and cleaning. He is often called the quiet one of the family, but the truth is he is so deep in thought he often doesn't hear the family ask him about things. His favourite pastime is collecting bright shiny things such as pennies. 

Sylvia Sparkle: Sylvia is always organising activities at the school and in the village. She loves to cook and encourages everyone the children to eat healthy food especially carrot cake. She is very lively and at party time she can be seen in her brightest clothes dancing to the music. 

Gabriel Sparkle: Gabriel is always happy, bright and cheerful. Although quiet like his father, he loves the outdoors and is a very fast runner. He also enjoys bike riding and loves going on camping trips especially overnight, where he can sit around the campfire looking into the flames. 

Ruby Sparkle: To her friends Ruby's a very charismatic rabbit. A model student at school she is a shining example to all her classmates. While her favourite pastime is dancing, she also excels at writing stories and inventing games for all to play. She loves costume jewellery and really enjoys making necklaces out of shiny objects.

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  1. Thank you for saving the Sparkle infos :) They are hard to find now elsewhere.