Saturday, 6 July 2013

Awesome find near where we live!

I was on google the other night and searching for the stock images for some of my items (for the site/quick updates/wishlist). I stumbled upon a UK Gumtree site. Now I thought Gumtree was only in Australia - cause well we have Gumtrees here and people always talk about it - so I didn't realise they had gone to other countries. I went to the Australian version and thought "check for sylvanians kirstie, you never know~!". So I did, and then sorted closest to my postcode. To my surprise, a few listings came up in our suburb! I saw a bunch of furniture, Babblebrook Grange, and the Regency Hotel. I already had the Hotel, and most of the sets, but I would love more to help furnish our 8? I think, homes.
The lady didn't want a lot for them, less then what they were bought for. So I told Mum, and she was all "awesome"! Now this was at 4am (we're both night owls xD) so I couldn't just text these people and ask if the Babblebrook Grange was still avaliable. So I waited til 6:30am, and sent one then, incase they were working people and got up at that time. At the worst, they'd ignore it or have the phone on silent.

I got a text back when Mum was about to head out, at about 12:50pm. I found out that the Babblebrook Grange had gone :( Was so sad, cause it was 1/3rd of the price, with no box and nothing missing. It went really quickly she said (when we met her). But the rest was still there. We asked if we could ring her, cause she was a bit slower on txt's and we had to know before Mum went out so she could arrange to pick me up and head to this ladies house before it got too late (winter time, so its darker here earlier). She said that was fine, so we did :) General chat mostly, and she said she'd give us a quote later today after 4pm (since Mum got back at 4pm, and it was almost 2pm at this time when she had to go) and gave us her address. 

At almost 4pm on the dot, she sent the quote, but it was a little larger than we thought. Quick ring found out the loungeroom was gone but the rest was still there + some other things she found. We stopped to grab some cash, and make sure we had change for the whatever-amount we'd end up with. I started the GPS speaking navigation thing on my phone (galaxy note 2), and we headed over :D We didn't really need the GPS but she was off a new highway area they had built over the older road, so we wanted to see where it was. Was really easy to find, Mum goes on that road about twice a week.

She welcomed us in, and it was such a cute home :) The photo doesn't give it justice! I wanted to grab a photo for memories, as the inside was just as nice! (Made sure theres no address on it etc so its safe :) ) It had a wood panel 1/2 ceiling and cream carpets. A grey fluffy cat was sitting in front of the heater/fireplace area near the tv :) Reminded me of the Sylvanian Grey Cats :D The house itself looked a bit Sylvanian log-cabin style inside too.

She told us to head down the kitchen, which we did, and her little son (about 4?) was helping us :) We had a look at it all, and it was in great condition! There was 1 small milk mark on the swing but that's all I could find. All the items and figures all looked liked they just came out of the boxes and sat on display. She told us she had bought them for when he was younger, and he had outgrown it now. She was unable to have a girl otherwise she would have bought so much more for her. She even said that someone could go nuts and fill a whole walls worth with them! I didn't quite mention that we already did that xD

We ended up buying the lot, which we worked out that was about 1/2 price from retail later on. She gave us the Squirrel family aswell for free I think :D She had been hanging onto it for almost a month, so she must have wanted to get rid of it. Still has the Regency Hotel to get rid of, but that's all we left her with xD A few double-ups but thats ok. I can decorate, re-clothe, style, all good :D

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