Thursday, 17 August 2017

Hi all :)

It's been a long time since I've been into Sylvanians and on the forums :o My mum and I were full on collecting in 2009-2014, and we had started a village display downstairs after upstairs had no more room at the time. In may 2014, mum got sick suddenly and taken to hospital, and luckily everything is ok. Her operation went fine and she's healthier now :) Then came sept/oct 2014, I go and get sick. I got diagnosed with an inherited thing and I had to go to hospital too. After a long recovery time for us both, I'm so much better and so is she :)

We can finally get back to collecting! I had just dropped it all as I couldn't bear it if she wasn't well, and then myself, I couldn't do much when at home and on the couch/recovering most days. Months had gone by and now years and where it was being displayed wasn't really a good fit anymore. I had moved my pc into another room and it was basically just where my husbands pc was and all our nerdy gaming and my dorky collections xD The spare room upstairs had been used for another hobby but as I've grown up the past few years it's not really needing the whole room. So we (mum and I) thought why not use these 2 massive walls for Sylvanians!? So my husband and I took all the shelving upstairs :) Luckily their flatpacks (like IKEA stuff) so it wasn't full wood units, but they're quite strong still. I measured all correctly (I have a history of not being quite right on measurements lol) and it all fits perfectly! Even with a few extra shelves! So instead of a shelving + small tables out front all the way along, we added more shelves instead and only left 2 small tables for a "city center" type spot. I wouldn't be able to get into the display without climbing over or reaching really far, and I had the same trouble downstairs so it's a good plan I think :)

We'll update the site soon and show pics :) I plan on making videos to show our progress :) We've got in a LOT of fake grass and sky paper so we can make it look like we dreamed about :)

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