Saturday, 22 June 2013

Store burns down, and another starts to stock!

Wow it's been a LONG time since I updated! We had to put a hold on the display quite a few times, and therefor the buying aswell. A tragedy happened where I live, one of the 2 stores that sell Sylvanian Familes, burnt down :( It was so sad, so many toys! It was arsan, a terrible thing to do. Bridges Bros it was called. They managed to keep the facade in tact at least but the man who did it has been charged.
(News on 19/1/13) (News on 22/2/13)

Photos of the display in store :) We got the Swan Lake Ride, Popcorn Stand, Baby Cart Ride, and some more. Will do a photo of the haul soon :) Definitely before I open them xD

The shelving still looks quite bare compared to last time. It has been all placed out (on the shelves) but the front small tables display area isn't quite done. We managed to find these cute little rabbit green fuzzy figures at Habitat at Easter time. They look just like bunny hedges! So they'll be used as our town center statue type things :)
Sorry for the random stuff in that photo xD It was mainly just a reference photo to see where stuff is placed. Its not tidy yet, or had the grass / sky fully put in, just the cardboard under-area :S

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